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A baby chair is a piece of plastic, wooden, or iron furniture that can be used for feeding newborn and toddler babies at their early ages. The toddler Chair is raised at a good distance from the surface so that parents can easily feed their babies. Babies from 12 months to 4 years can be easily adjusted on these high chairs to keep themselves upright at a good distance so that they can be feed in an easy way. Usually, parent looks for a best high chair under $100.

Features Of 7 Best High Chair Under Your Budget

When you have planned to buy a high chair which fits for your baby need and also for your need, you must need to consider the below-mentioned features. These features are very must essential. As a parent one should consider before buying or choosing the best high chair for their baby.

We surveyed and take the opinion of more than 10000 parents to find out which product is best and what quality they want to look into their best baby high chair product by keeping in mind the price. Many parents are looking for a budget baby chair. There are many low price high chairs available in the market . Mostly shopkeeper usually sell with a banner like best baby chair under $100, or high chair under $50.

Stability of Best High Chair

The most important thing which you must need to view before buying a high chair for a baby is the stability of the chair. You must make sure that the four legs of the chair spread greater than the area of the seat. They must be spread in the outer direction. This makes the high chair very much stable and you must say that your baby is on a safe high chair.

Material of Best High Chair

The material of High chair must carry the weight of child easily. There are many material of high chair in market like plastic high chair, wooden high chair, iron high chair, Steel High chairs. There are further categorization of material like you may have high quality plastic high chair, low quality plastic chair etc.

Lightweight of Quality High Chair

There are many high chairs that are available in market and some of those high chairs are very much heavy.It’s very much difficult for parents to carry and move, you must consider the lightweight high chairs which are easy to move so that you can easily move baby high seat from one place to another.

In market there are many high chairs but those lightweight high chairs are of not good material.You must did some homework before buying so that you can find out the best lightweight high chair for your child.

Height Adjustment of Baby High Chair

High Chair must have facility of Height adjust. It’s very useful functionality that you can adjust the height of baby high chair. This is because sometimes you are sitting on sofa and sometimes you are sitting on chair and sometimes you are sitting on high chair.There are many chairs which are of different heights so you must select the baby chair whose height is adjustable and you can easily adjust the height according to your sitting height to easy feed your baby.

Space Allocation of Modern High Chairs

Space is the biggest issue for parents as mostly women used to work in the kitchen. They want to keep an eye on their babies. So mostly in kitchen space is very much tigh so you must consider the space. select the best baby high chair for small spaces while selecting the baby high chair.

The portable high chair is the best solution which usually takes less space as compared to other high chairs. You can easily move them through a small door by folding the high chair. You must have an idea about the dimension of space to select the best portable baby high chair for your baby. This is also one of the best space saver high chairs for you.

Easy to Clean of toddler Chair

When you feed a baby on a high chair, sometimes babies used to make the chair tray very much dirty so you must need to select the high chair which is easy to clean. However there are many removable, adjustable high chair baby trays, you can remove it, clean it and then fix it. Parents usually like easy to clean foldable high chair.

Lockable Wheel of Toddler High Chair

If you are looking for a high chair that have wheels then choose the high chair that have the capability of locking the wheel so that the high chair cannot move. This feature must not be ignored if you have decided to purchase a high chair that has wheels. The babysitting chair with wheels is liked by many parents and parents usually look for a high chair with wheels for babies.

Durable and High-Quality Seat Cover of High Chair

Fabric of seat cover must be very much soft and durable. Always select fabric of high seat which is easy to clean, easy to wash and have dark color. You must need to consider the foam seat or seat having rubber into it because in this material your baby is safe and secure and feel relax while sitting into it.

Many people buy a plastic high chair which looks like as we see the plastic high chair for restaurants, but that are not quality high chairs. 5 point harness high chair is best for babies.

Price of High Chair

This is personal choice weather you want basic model high seat or high quality high seat. However Price of high chair varies depends upon fabric, material, movability, color, adjustability etc. There are many budget high chair available and we have selected best high chair for our product line. These all are best price high chairs.

Types of Feeding High Chair

There are different types of high chairs available like we have traditional high chairs, multipurpose or modular high chairs, travel high chair, folding high chair, travel high chair, single stem high chair, grow with me high chair, space saver high chair  etc.

Now let us discuss each of these high chairs in details so that you can better know about your need. We have also added best toddler booster seat for table in our product line.

Traditional High Chair

In traditional high chair you may have a lot of variety and that variety varies from low end to high end high chairs. However, most traditional high chairs takes a lot of space so your kitchen, room, dining room must have well enough space to adjust the traditional high chair. These types of high chairs have a facility to remove the food tray below that there is a basket underneath so that you can put some useful baby item into it. There is also one padded cushion that can be adjustable so that it will provide comfort to your baby.

Multipurpose Baby Feeding High Chair

The multipurpose high chair have same feature as traditional high chair like it have a seat unit, base unit and adjustable moveable tray. Multi-Purpose have a tray that is removable and also adjustable. However, the main advantage of the multipurpose high chair is that when your baby is grown. The tray can be removed and base of the seat can be closer to the main table which helps your baby to dine in on the table. The biggest advantage in most of the chairs is that they have base that is foldable.

Travel High Chair

If you like to travel or you used to travel a lot, then this type of high chair is one of the best choice for you. Mostly parents that used to travel frequently they used to have some extra baby thing with them like stroller, travel high chair, diaper bag etc. Travel chair can be used from around 6 month to 3 year but again it depends upon baby physique.

Single Stem High Chair

Single stem high chair is one of the stylish baby high chair. One of the main difference between traditional high chair and single stem high chair is that single stem high chair stands on strong base or leg while traditional high chair have four legs.

Moreover they have a variety of features like you can adjust the height of the high chair along with that you can rotate the child high chair to make it easy for baby to feed. Single stem high chair also take very limited space. Price wise single stem high chair is not cheap and moreover they are not foldable.

Space Saver High Chair

As name indicated space saver high chair occupy very limited space and easily adjustable in kitchen and small rooms. This feature make the space saver high chair mother’s no 1 choice.

There are variety of baby high chairs available in market. They are very much expensive. Moreover many parents are conscious regarding price, quality and stuff. We have taken feedback from parents and also did a survey regarding best high chairs which will fulfil parents need keeping in view the most important factor which is price.

Based on our research, feedback, the survey we are sharing best high chair product under your budget. Our main aim is to facilitate the parents and provide them best possible products under their budget. Below is the list of high quality baby high chairs.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair Review:

The fast Inglesina high chair is one of the best baby high chair. This fast baby chair is easy portable and easy to use and require very little space. Most of the times parents used to go for travelling or go for restaurant, it’s the best solution for travelling couples.

This baby high chair uses clamps to attach to the surface of table. It simple twist tight coupling makes it very much feasible and easy to use, for all types of table. It couples and tights very firmly with the table and you don’t need to worry about anything. This is one of the best safety feature which is available in this baby high chair.

You can also include a dinning tray with it which is optional feature of this baby high chair. Important, this high baby chair is the best alternative of a traditional high chair which took too much space.

There is also a soft cushion and padding around the frame of this chair to provide extra comfort. Moreover there is pocket at back side of this high seat which is very much useful to place baby items into it.

Inglesina has a bag carry with shoulder strap. You can easily place this on your shoulder and take it anywhere you want because you know sometimes it’s very much difficult to carry the portable high chair without a bag cover having no strap.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair has a fabric which is easily removable. You can easily remove it, wash it and then dry it. The fabric of Inglesina is strong enough to everyday use. Moreover its also very easy to clean, which makes it mother’s number one choice and high chair under your budget.

  • Mostly compatible for all types of tables and it does not leave any scratch on table.

  • It’s very much light in weight and fold up easily and compactly.

  • It can easily fix on indoor tables as well as outdoor tables.

  • It has removable hand wash cover

  • It consists of aluminum, rubber, plastic and polyester material

  • It’s very much difficult to be used on glass tables.

  • It can be carried in a bag which sometimes difficult to carry the bag on the shoulder.

  • Fabric can be wipe down with the spilled liquid but plus point is that it can be washable, removable and changeable.

Key Specifications:

Suitable for use by a child from 6 – 36 months

Dimensions (open):  17″ x 14″  x 11″

Dimensions (closed): 17″ x 14″  x 11″

Weight: 4.2 pounds

Maximum weight capacity: 37 pounds

Bottom Line:

If you used to travel a lot and you want a baby high chair that is a perfect partner, then this is your number one choice. It’s durable and build using all the premier material that include removable fabric that can be washable and easy to install. You can also get a bag having straps with that bag so that you can fold this fabric high chair and place it on your shoulder so that you can carry it easily.

Graco Slim Snacker High Chair Review:

This model of Graco Slim Snaker is a very basic high chair. It’s very light in weight and can be folded even with one hand. Mostly in tight places, where there is not too much space to place any chair for baby so this baby high chair is weightless and can be easily carried easily in tight places like the kitchen, store, study room, etc. To make it portable you just need to pull the lever of the chair which is basically under the seat fabric.

There is also a big tray having cup holder with it along with two levers. You can pull that lever from both ends to remove that tray from chair. If you want to slide that it can easily be slide able with the help of side levers. You also have an option to adjust the height of high seat.

There is big basket under the high chair. This basket is made of quality fabric, you can place baby items in that basket.

There are three different setting in that high chair so that you can adjust the high chair at your desire position and desire angle. This high chair can easily accommodate weight of baby under 40 pounds.

This high chair have an option to remove the seat cover. Graco slim snacker high chair cover removal is very much easy, you can easily remove the cover and clean the surface of the high chair. Moreover material of the fabric is easily washable.   

Safety is one of the feature that cannot be ignored. This high chair is passed through safety standard of ASTM F404-16. In other words this high chair successfully passed all the evaluation criteria’s of stability, restraint system, load bearing, replacing and changing seat covers etc.

  • Very much affordable product.

  • Adjustable in three different position

  • Lightweight

  • Easily foldable even with one hand.

  • Wipe able Seat Pad

  • Large basket under the chair

  • Foot Rest available

  • Seat belt straps are white in color so they will show food stains

  • Must remove tray to fold the chair

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a high chair which is very much economical along with light in weight. Moreover, you can move it freely to anywhere having all the features which are available in the quality high chair then this will be your best choice to select from this high chair.

Switch Portable High Chair and Booster, Gala Review:

Graco Switch is quality high chair which is very much flexible and long lasting high chair. This chair have a capability of bearing 60 lbs of weight. If we look at the cost of this product which is very much economical as compare to product which they are offering. I must say it’s a worth to buy. This high chair and booster zuba Is one of the top-selling high seat under your budget. Parents things its best baby feeding high chair.

Graco is a 2-in-1 is portable high chair that converts to booster seat for your kid as kid grows to big kid. It simple switch portable high chair have 3 different position. You can adjust the position as per your requirement. This 3 position adjustment feature is liked by many parents to feed their child in easy adjustable position.

The fabric of this chair is high-quality fabric.You can wash the fabric of seat pad which makes it user friendly feature. You can wash it, dry it and then reuse it.

This high chair is available in two different color, zuba and Winfield.Both of these color seems very much attractive and eye-appealing colors.

  • 2-in-1 portable high chair

  • 3 Different adjustable position

  • Easy tray removal

  • Does not have any basket under seat.

  • Does not have any basket under seat.

Key Specification:

Item Size (Overall): 43 Inches (H) x 23.5 Inches (W) x 28.5 Inches (D)

Item Weight: 16.24 Pounds

Baby Weight: 40 Pounds

Baby Age: 0-3 Years

Color:  Zuba, Winfield

Ingenuity SmartClean Trio Elite 3-in-1 High Chair – Slate – High Chair, Toddler Chair, & BoosterReview:

The Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair is one of the very cheap and 3 in 1 baby chair, average quality and unique high chair that has multiple functions. It can provide you with three functionalities. In fact, it can be used as full high chair, a booster seat and a toddler seat at the very same time.

Suppose you are a parent and you have more than one children of different ages then this high chair will be your best choice. This seat provide you with 5 points harness which protects the baby to wiggle out from their seats. This is one of the cheap baby chair having wheels under this budget. You can find same feature in high-budget high chair.

This high chair also come up with 4 different tray locking position. You can adjust the tray lock position which allows you to set position as per your baby requirement. As your baby grows up, you simple adjust the position as per your baby.

This high chair have most amazing feature like you can easily remove the chair tray of this high chair very easily. It’s very much light in weight and parents can easily remove this tray even with one hand.

This high chair tray is very easy to clean because you just need to press the button and tray will be removed which makes it very easy for parents to clean the tray and to clean the chair.

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair has very soft pad at back as well as on seat. You can easily remove the pad and can be easily washable.You can also use wet wipes to get rid of any sticky thing which stick to the soft pad.

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair comes up with the wheels so that you can move the baby high seat easily. You don’t need to drag the baby seat just move the baby seat as per your desire location. Suppose you are going to kitchen.You can easily move the chair to the kitchen.You just simply need to push the baby high chair.

  • Three in One

  • 4 Different Tray position

  • Having moveable wheels

  • Easy to move

  • Easy Washable Cover.

  • Cheap Material

  • Little bit Wobbly

  • Loose Harness

  • Not Foldable

Key Specification:

Item Size (Overall) : 34.5 x 21.5 x 43.5 inches

Baby Weight : 50 Pounds

Baby Age : 0-3 Years

Color :  Multiple Colors Available

Bottom Line:

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair is very much affordable moving high chair. This high chair have built in 3-in-1 functionality along with that you can have 4 different tray positions in this high chair. One of the disadvantages of Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair is that the material of this high chair is average material but within this price its very good to buy . Most of the parents recommend this product at this price.

Safety 1st 3-in-1 Grow & Go High Chair, Birchbark, One Size Review :

The Graco TableFit is one the foldable and convertible high chair which can be very much helpful for parents while feeding. This model of Graco high chair is very much flexible and this one of the high chair under your budget.

You can easily adjust the height of this chair as per your requirement along with that there are 3 variable position which can be helpful for your baby to sit on the table with other family members. Your baby can enjoy while sitting with other people on the same table.This is value to money high chair.

There are 8 different height adjustment position of this seat and by adjusting the height of the seat you can make sure that your baby fits closer to the table.

The design of this fit high chair have a sloping front. With this sloping front it is very easy to place a baby close to the table. Your baby adjust with table very easily and enjoy the company of his/her love ones.

At the bottom of the chair there is a place for foot rest. This foot rest is very much comfortable and makes your baby happy while sitting of this high chair.

The Graco high Chairs never compromise over safety. The Grace Chair comes with 5 points safety harness. The manufacturer have make sure that baby adjusts well in this high chair so that baby cannot comes out of the chair.

Graco TableFit High Chair have seat pads which are easily removable. You can easily wash the seat pads by washing machine or by hand as per your convenience. The Graco Table Fit High Chair has a very good quality of fabric which can be washable and wipe able.

Graco TableFit High Chair comes with a unique tray. You can put different toys at the same time put some glass, food items, spoons etc.  On that tray, this tray is also removable and take very little space. You can add and remove table tray as per your requirement from this Graco TableFit High Chair. You can also wash this tray with the help of detergent or any dishwashing material.

Graco TableFit High Chair is easily foldable and you can put it anywhere you want because it take very little storage space. You can also fold this chair and put in your while travelling.

  • Fits well with any table

  • Easily washable

  • Foldable and collapsible

  • Rust or Stains free

  • Hard to assemble

  • Can be used up to max 3 years

Key Specification:

Color : Black/White

Material  : Metal

Size   LxWxH : 33.25 x 22.5 x 43 inches

Weight  : 19 Pounds

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair Review:

Fisher price space saver high chair is very much comfortable. This space saver high chair provides all features and qualities which other high chairs provide. This is one of the Best baby high chair for small spaces. Its also in the budget range of $100.You can say it’s best cheap high chair in price.

One of the very unique feature is that its assembly is very much easy. You can see the user guide and easily assemble that. Many parents who purchased high chair complains for complex assembly and they feel very much difficulty in assembling the other high chairs. However in case of fish price space saver high chair it’s very much easy.

Fisher price space saver high chair comes with adjustable food tray and the food tray have deep dish and a cup holder.

Safety is one of the biggest factor of high chair. You cannot ignore this feature while purchasing the high chair. Fisher price space saver high chair provides five points safety harness to make sure that your baby is safe. This chair provide three-point harness to make sure that your baby is very much safe in the booster mode.

Fisher price space saver high chair comes with two height adjustment setting and three position recline settings. You can make a combination of height adjustment and recline setting to make fit for your baby position.

The sitting pad is made of polystyrene. The most important thing is that you can easily remove it and clean it by using any detergent or washing material or you can also clean it in washing machine. You can easily remove dust from the setting pad.

  • Pros

  • Two height adjustment and Three recline position

  • Fits to Any chair

  • Setting pad is easily washable

  • Five points Harness

  • Build in cup holder.

  • Gap between cover and seat where food can be dropped.

Key Specification:

Weight  : 7.6 Pound

Color  : Climbing Leaves

Size   LxWxH   : 14.38 x 11.38 x 21.13 inches

Weight Accommodate  : 50 Pounds

Graco Slim Spaces High Chair | Compact High Chair, Alden

Grace slim space high chair is very much affordable baby high chair under $100 produced by Graco. This high chair is very much light in weight and require very little space. As name indicates this high chair is very much slim in size. You can fold this chair and it provides you with very compact fold of only 8.5 inch. Graco Slim space high chair is very much compact high chair that occupy very little space. You can place it anywhere in small space like stores, cupboards or any other room.

There are many high chairs in market. Most of them need assembly and you have to read out user manuals and assembly manual in order to use high chair but this Graco Slim High Chair doesn’t require any assembly. You just buy Graco Slim space high chair, open the box and your Graco Slim Space high chair is ready for use. You can use it immediately as it comes out the packing box.

The material of Graco Slim space High Chair is such that it doesn’t get any rust. You can easily clean it with any wet cloth. Grace Slim space high chair comes up with the washable seat pad. You can put the seat in washing machine and dry it and your seat pad is ready for use.

Graco Slim space high chair comes with six different height position. There are three recline levels of seat. You can adjust height at the same time you can adjust the recline level of Graco slim space high chair. This gives best comfortable position for your baby. There is extra space for baby body to give more room to baby body so that baby can adjust very comfortably in Graco Slim space high chair.

Graco Slim space high chair is very much secure for your baby. It comes with 3 to 5 points harness which make sure your baby safety while feeding the food.

Graco Slim space high chair looks very much slim but it can easily bear 40 lbs of weight. Moreover Graco Slim space high chair can easily accommodate child up to four years but for safety its best suit for three year old baby.  

  • Two height adjustment and Three recline position

  • Fits to Any chair

  • Setting pad is easily washable

  • Five points Harness

  • Seat pad is not properly wipe able. You need to wash it.

Key Specification:

Size   LxWxH :    32 x 23 x 42 inches

Color   : Alden

Weight  : 21 Pounds

Weight accommodate : 40 – 50 lbs

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