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6. Our Top Selection For The Best Bed Bumpers

A toddler moves a lot while sleeping. Parents raising their first child would experience this and will try to ensure that they do not fall off the bed. The best solution would be using a bed bumper. It is a soft foam guard that you can put as a barrier at the ends of the bed. This makes sure that your moving toddler does not fall off the bed. He/she will bump into the bed bumper and be safe from falling. This review article is great for any couple planning to have a baby or are raising one. This article would save them a lot of time in understanding why a bed bumper is useful and which bed bumper is best to buy.

There are a variety of bed bumpers for toddlers available online. With so many choices to choose from it might get difficult for a parent to decide which best bed bumpers for toddlers are the right choice for them. Along with the knowledge of what a bed bumper is used for, you will also find out which one is the best choice for you in this article. With more safety and relaxation you would get more quality time to spend with your toddler. So read the full article and also find out similar helpful articles on this site.

Every couple wishes to raise their babies. They try hard and bring life on Earth. After some time every couple has a baby of their own. A happy life begins and the couple has now become a family with the addition of a new member. By bringing a new life on Earth the parents have new responsibilities now. Their attention is diverted toward looking after their baby. Each and every day their newborn becomes bigger and starts moving about.

When a baby becomes a toddler he/she moves about a lot. Parents, especially those who are raising their first child, learn a lot of things. It is difficult for parents to take care of their baby because their baby is playful and does not know if anything could hurt him/her. So it becomes the parent’s responsibility to ensure a safe and harmless environment for their young ones. This can be done in many ways now that the world has become so advanced. The young couple raising a baby can find many helpful articles like this one where they can get a basic guide and a review of the products that will help create a safe environment for their babies.

Here in this article, we review bed bumpers for toddlers. It is one of the most essential things a parent should have. It is a necessary item until the toddler becomes a preschooler and learns to sleep without falling off the bed. A bed bumper would be useful for the next baby as well or they can gift it to a couple after they have used it up. It could be donated to various foster homes where many babies are kept.

What Defines A Good Bed Bumper for Toddlers

A good bed bumper should ensure that it’s performing the function it is intended to do. This means that once you install a bed bumper to the side of your bet it should ensure that your baby never rolls off this end. It is quite easily adjustable and removed once you are not using it. A baby spends his/her first nights in a crib. It is useful because it does not let any parent press the baby while asleep. But as time goes by the baby is shifted to the bed and starts sleeping with parents. This change could be challenging for both the parents and the baby itself.

A good baby bump looks like a long pillow. But in a bed bump pads are installed so that it forms some hard surface and it is also slip-resistant. This anti-slip mechanism ensures that the baby doesn’t push the bed bumper off from the bed. If you won’t buy a good bed bump then your child might fall along with the bed bumper. You will have to get a pair of bed bumpers because you want to ensure that the baby doesn’t move left or right. It should be spaced evenly so that your baby gets a goodnight sleep and is sleeping comfortably.

The parents have to ensure that all sides of the baby are closed. So they can use a pillow to block the side of the head and use the bed with a border at the feet side. So now your baby is safely inside a closed space. If your bed is not the one with rails at the end then you can put a pillow at the feet too.

Experience of Parents And Their Suggestions. 

While writing this article I found many testimonials of parents who faced the same issue. The need for bedrails seemed a common need of all the parents. Very rarely some parents reported that their child did not move about while asleep. This allowed them to sleep without the need of bed bumpers. But as for most cases parents were very worried when they shifted their toddler from crib to the bed.

Some parents had an awful experience at night when suddenly their child fell off the bed. This was horrifying for the parents to be in this situation in the middle of the night. They got worried and had to call for help. The turama and situation made them buy bed bumpers instantly and left a bed experience forever. As for the parents who had this information, they were spared the discomfort of seeing their child fall off the bed. Along with saving from a fall this also ensures safety while playing on the bed and they don’t roll over.

There is also an important item for your child safety as it saves your heavy arm from pressing your child while you are sleeping along with him or her. Maybe you might turn and end up waking your baby from sleep. And getting the opinion of other parents is one thing but it is entirely up to you to decide how you will ensure their safety.

After all it is you ( the parents) who know what is best for their kids. So to ensure a goodnight sleep for you and your baby you must get a bed bumper we recommend later in this article. 

For how long parents need to use Bed Bumpers for their kids.

Bed bumpers for babies should be used until you are sure that your child is not under the threat of falling off from the bed. This time could be varying for different toddlers. Some take toddlers to sleep soundly without moving significantly whereas other toddlers toss and turn the whole night. A general understanding is that once your baby is shifted from crib to the bed he or she might take up to 2 years to learn to sleep and not fall off from the bed.

A toddler is a child from 1 year to 3 years. If you are moving your child from a crib to the bed between 18 and 24 months of age then you will have to use bed bumpers. You might have to use the bed bumpers for 2 or 3 years or you might be lucky enough to use it for only a few months until both the parents and toddler have adjusted to the shifting. However, I would recommend that if you have any doubts then you can use it for longer periods. Just an extra safety precaution you use will ensure good parenting and a safer environment for the upbringing of your child.  These small steps make you a good parent and helps you to take other safety precautions as well. You can also find out other safety measures or products in this blog site.

What will you have to see when choosing the type of bed bumpers for your child?

When buying bed bumpers for adults, you will have to take notes of the size you require. Bed bumpers come in all of different sizes and shapes. You have to make sure that the bed bumper you are using is compatible with your bed and doesn’t fall short or too long.

The height and width of the bed bumper is also an important aspect to cover. If the bed bumper height is not high enough then you baby might crawl over it and fall down the bed. This would lose the importance of a bed bumper in first place. If it is too wide then it will take up a lot of your free space on the bed and the couple or the baby might find it less comfortable while sleeping. The thickness of the mattress also matters. If it is more thick then it will be a lot heavier. Installation of heavier products is a bit more difficult. The fabric used and the material used inside the bed bumper is also to be kept in mind.

I suggest you buy the one which is washable and matches your furniture theme. It should be kept in mind that these bed bumpers are meant to be removed when not in use. So opting for an easily moveable product is preferred. Easy-to-install bed bumpers is a good option because you might not want to pay extra for labour to do this work. You can do it yourself and you can make new changes to your setting upon will. Toddlers often make mess so it is important to have the bed bumpers made out of washable materials. This way you won’t lose the texture or color of your bed bumpers.

If your bedroom has a bed in the middle then you will have to buy a pair of bed bumpers. If your room along a wall then this wall would act as a barrier and you will only have to buy a single bed bumper. It should be kept in mind that this product is there to comfort you and not be a burden. So buy and install a bed bumper set that does not act as an obstacle when you are getting in and out of the bed. Toddler bed wall bumpers are compatible with certain types of beds so you need to consider this too. For example slatted beds, divan, single bed, double bed, etc. Make sure you buy the right product.  This article would help you in that regard.

What are the different types of Bed Bumpers?

There are different types of bed side bumpers available in the market. Many are rigid to give a more sturdy support. They are made up of wood or other hard material. These toddler bed wall bumpers are covered by fabric sometimes or sometimes just the texture of the material they are made up from.

Other bed bumpers are made up of fabric, like mesh, cotton, foam, feather, etc. They are much softer than rigid ones. It is more comfortable to have a softer bed bumper as compared to a harder one. In the market, you can also find inflatable bed bumpers. So these are filled with air and serve the same purpose as other bed bumpers. These are lightweight bed bumpers for co-sleeping and they can be used easily while traveling because they will not use a lot of space. They can be deflated and inflated at will. All you would need is a compressor to fill in the air. Trying to fill it with your breath would be a long and tiring exercise. The inflatable bed bumpers are highly recommended for couples who travel a lot. This would make their travels easier.

Our Top Selection For The Best Bed Bumpers

In This review article I have picked the top best bed bumpers that you will find in the online market. You can choose easily from this list on which bed bumper to buy. I have written the pros and cons as well. You will also find out a brief description regarding the products as well as their characteristics. Buying and installing the bed side bumpers should be an easy task. If ordered online it would save you the hassle of the city and arrange a cargo service to deliver to your house. Online order would be brought to your home and it has easy return or exchange policies.

You may find similar products on various online stores if the one here does not suit you. But be noted that these are the top picks and recommended by their users so it would be better to opt from any of the following bed side bumpers.

Safety Sleep Bedside Rail Guard for Toddlers & Kids & Baby: Best Bed Bumpers For Toddlers

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This product is one of the best bed bumpers for babies in the market. It is a certified product and Amazon’s choice. It is made up of Polyester so it is soft at touch and very light weight. The long foam pillow pads ensure that they provide a full barrier against your child from falling off.

The pads are covered with non-slip fabric so it will not fall down once your child pushes it while asleep. The washable cover is also handy when you have to wash it, just take it off and put it in a washing machine. The product has a zipper which is also made of quality material and will not break down easily. The price is very nominal and comparable to the market price. The reviews of the buyers are superb and highly recommended by them in the comment section below. During my research on bed bumpers for adults, I found out that this is the best choice for you to buy. It supports all the requirements that are needed to ensure a safe and sound sleep.

Pros of buying Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers

  • 100% Polyester
  • Comfortable and user friendly.
  • As compared with traditional prison-style metal rail, these foam and soft bed bumpers provide gentle touch and soft edges. With touching the soft corners, the baby is reminded of safety and sleeps comfortably.
  • It is made up using memory foam padding. The memory foam means that it is both highly energy absorbent and soft. It will mold to the body in response to heat and pressure. Moreover,It will evenly distribute body weight. It will then return to its original shape once you remove the pressure you put on it. Apart from adding  protecting against impact, it’s properties make it very comfortable
  • The cover is made of non-slip silicone
  •  It is made of airy cotton fabric.
  • It can be machine washable.
  • Very easy to install. You can install it in 3 simple steps. First you open up the package and let it restore to its original shape. Secondly you put it on your bed and adjust it to where you want to use it. Thirdly you cover it with bed sheets if you like.
  • Its size is suitable for most ages and beds. Its dimensions are 52’’ x 6.5’’ x 4.5’’.
  • It is good for toddlers, twins, full, queen and king size beds. The baby using it could be infant, baby, toddler, child, kids, senior or adult.
  • This product gives a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • This foam is CertiPUR-US certified for safety and performance.
  • No questions asked with refunds.
  • Finest quality.
  • It does not require any batteries of electricity.
  • It’s unisex.
  • BPA Free

Cons of buying Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers

  • It may take a few days to deliver.
  • It might be difficult to transport while shifting a house.
  • You might get lower prices for the same item.
  • You will have to pay higher if you want the pair.

Share Bear 2 Soft Foam Bed Bumpers for Babies, Toddlers, Kids, Adults: Best Bed Bumpers For Toddlers

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This design was made more than 50 years ago and it is a wonder. It keeps your child safe and does not let him or her fall during the night time. This bed bumper ensures a good night sleep. The innovation in this bed bumper is miraculous. It is made by using nontoxic materials and free from BPA. It is useful in many ways such as being water-resistant, washable, etc. Moreover, it’s simple and easy to install. The manufacturers are so ensured with the quality baby bed bumper safety that they give a one-year money back guarantee.

Pros of buying Share bear 2 Soft Foam Bed Bumpers

  • Innovation: The stay put semi-circle bed bumpers are designed very thoughtfully as long as 50 years ago. The child feels safe inside and gets a good night’s sleep.
  • It‘s designed with your child’s health and safety in mind. It is made up of safe and non-toxic foam.
  • Moreover, it’s free from BPA, PBDEs(flame retardants), and Phthalate.
  • It’s water-resistant so any spills of milk or water does not soak in the foam. This makes sure that your toddler is getting a dry place to sleep in.
  • It is washable because the covers can be taken off and washed separately. The  covers look really nice and could be matched with your house theme.
  • Stress free installation. These bed bumpers are really easy to use and your toddler is gonna love it. They will feel safe with the bed bumpers around so they will have a sound and comfortable sleep.
  • It is engineered very professionally. Along with being soft at touch it is firm and sturdy. This makes sure that the toddler is in the safety of the bed bumpers.
  • Dimensions. Each bed bumper pad is 52 inches long and 7 inches wide. This size is quite common in the beds people use so it will fit right into those.
  • Money back guarantee. This product comes with a staggering 1 year money back guarantee. This tells us how much the manufacturer is confident with its item. There are no questions asked and return is quite easy.
  • Good ratings and reviews by buyers.

Cons of buying Share bear 2 Soft Foam Bed Bumpers

  • It is not designed for the top bunk bed.
  • Installation of this can be difficult for some people.
  • Some of the parts like the covers are likely to get torn down.

Ubbcare Memory Foam Toddlers Bed Rails: Best Bed Bumpers For Toddlers

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The UBBCARE memory foam bumper pads is the best product for you. It is used for the babies who have outgrown their cribs and are shifting to a full sized bed. The toddlers are not quite ready to sleep without rolling over in their sleep so it is a good idea to buy this product. When you will buy this bed bumpers for co-sleeping, it will take few hours for the pad to reach its normal shape. This will happen when the foam reaches body temperature. It will become soft and absorb the pressure of the toddler. This bed bumper will ensure the safety of your child and won’t let them fall off. It will restore to its original shape when the pressure is removed from it.

This product is made up of Certipur-us certificate memory foam, non-toxic foam, Phthalate and BPA free materials so is one of my top picks. It is long in size so quite compatible with many beds. It has dense anti-skid dots design. This helps it stick at a place and not move about the bed or fall off when the toddler will push it. It allows you to place the bumper either on top or under your sheets without them being slipped. It is good for movers.

You have to make sure your child can move around and stretch in their bed without falling off the side so this is a good product for you.It is very easy to install. The utility is also great as you can take the covers off and wash it once they are dirty. Frequent cleaning kills all the germs or bacterias that have started living on these bed side bumpers.

Pros of buying UBBCARE Memory Foam Toddlers Bed Rails Guard Bumpers

  • Made up with Certipur-us certificate memory foam
  • non toxic foam
  • Phthalate and BPA free
  • Its size is a 52″ length foam bed bumper. So fit most toddler, twin, full, double, queen, and king size beds.
  • Safe and comfortable for your children.
  • High density material used. Easy to restore elasticity.
  • Soft and cosy. Elegant rhombus makes the bumpers breathable.
  • It is made of dense anti-skid dots design which allows you to place the bumper either on top or under your sheets. The dots will make sure that the sheet does not fall off.
  • Washable. You can wash the covers of these bed bumpers. Oftentimes when we clean the product it inhibits bacterial growth.

Cons of buying UBBCARE Memory Foam Toddlers Bed Rails Guard Bumpers

  • The bumpers are packaged by machine; it usually takes 48 to 72 hours to inflate.
  • It might be hard for some people to use.
  • Heavier to carry.

My Happy Tot Portable Bed Rails : Best Bed Bumpers For Toddlers

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Happy Tot Toddler Bed rails are one of the best bed bumpers for babies I came across. You can ensure good and relaxed sleep for yourself and your toddler. It is compatible with toddlers, twins, full, queen and king-size beds. You can even use it on a hotel bed while you are traveling. These bed bumpers will keep the sleeper from bumping onto the floor.

The removable sails on this baby bumper set can be slipped off easily from an inflatable bed bumper for toddlers as it is being washed in the machine and then drying. My Happy Tot Toddler Bed Rails withstand sleepy drools and bedwetting incidents quite easily. Mr Happy tot is long and stable. It has a length of 49’’ which becomes handy when using it with this length bed. It comes with on-slip silicon grips beneath the bumpers helping to anchor the toddler rail to the bed.

Cons of buying My Happy Tot Portable Bed Rails for Toddlers.

  • You can remove the removable sails and slip off of our inflatable best bed bumpers for toddlers. And then you can wash it if the toddler has made a mess.
  • It’s easily machine washable.
  • My Happy Tot Toddler Bed Rails will withstand sleepy drools and any bedwetting incidents quite easily.
  • The long and stable kids bed rail bumpers dimensions are 49”L x 6.5”W x 4”H. This ensures greater safety for your toddler.
  • It is made up of nylon sails which are 24”W and they are used to secure the child’s own weight quite efficiently.
  • It comes with non-slip silicone grips which are placed under the bumpers. This is used in helping anchor the toddler rail to the bed.
  • There are Large push-buttons fitted with valves which makes inflation and deflation of our toddler bed bumpers quick and very easy.
  • It is made with puncture-resistant PVC. So that is why it is a great choice as you can use it again and again. These are sturdy and collapsible bed guard rails which can be used again and again for your growing family.
  • It meets all federal standards and ensures even further peace of mind for you and your toddler.
  • This toddler bed guard rail is going to make the transition from crib to big bed very much safer and it will provide a reassuring slumber spot during travel times. So you both can get a good night’s sleep with your baby
  • It is quite light weight that is 2.2 pounds.
  • Amazing ratings and reviews from buyers who purchased this item.

Cons of buying My Happy Tot Portable Bed Rails for Toddlers.

  • No warranty or guarantee
  • No money back refunds or exchange
  • The colour might not be of your choice
  • Quality might seem bit off as compared to other products in its comparison.

DreamyPanda Toddler Bed Rail Bumper : Best Bed Bumpers For Toddlers

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This product is super easy to use. The quick installation saves your time and the set up is very simple. You do not have to call a specialist to install this product. You just have to simply place these bed bumpers pads on your bed and you are good to go. It will provide a barrier against your toddler from falling off. The place between the bed bumpers would give a snugly place for your toddler to sleep in. He or she will have a sense of security with it and have a restful sleep. With your toddler sleeping peacefully you as parents can also have a relaxed sleep.

The bed bumpers are easily placeable hence you can change its location at will. This is the best bed bumper and you will never suffer from kicks, shoves or a restless sleeper disturbing you while asleep. You will enjoy pure uninterrupted sleep.

The soft bumper will provide a gentle feeling for you toddler and perform better than hard plastic or wooden bumper. It serves as a multipurpose object. The versatile design fits your constantly changing needs. You will enjoy having your toddler sleeping peacefully next to you. These bed bumpers are ultra-portable and you can just conveniently fold them down and take them with you anywhere or store them once you are not in need of it. The best part of these bed bumpers for co-sleeping is also their risk-free guarantee. You can ask for an exchange or a refund without any issues and the customer service will replace your bumper pillows or refund your money. The happiness of clients is their top priority and they prove it by giving a wonderful guarantee.

Pros of buying DreamyPanda Toddler Bed Rail Bumper .

  • Best sleep ever. You will never suffer from kicks, shoves, or a restless toddler. You can enjoy pure, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Gentle touch. Our soft bumpers gently direct children to safety without roughly waking them up which would be a result if you use a product of plastic, metal or wooden guards.
  • Multi-purpose functionality. This versatile design will fit your constantly changing needs. You can achieve restorative and high-quality sleep by placing between parents and your baby. 
  • It can be used with a twin, full, queen, or king bed.
  • It will help your toddler or young child safely transition from a crib to the bed.
  • Ultra-portable. These bumpers will conveniently fold and you can take them anywhere while traveling or just put them away if you are not using them.
  • It offers a great risk free guarantee. This means that you can contact the customer care and return the product. You can also exchange the cushions.
  • It is a light weight that is only 1.9 pounds.

Cons of buying DreamyPanda Toddler Bed Rail Bumper.

  • Slightly more expensive than other products of this category.

Tebery 2 Pack Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers : Best Bed Bumpers For Toddlers

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Bed bumpers for babies are a great product and one of the best bed bumper online. These bed rails are made up of hypoallergenic, non-toxic, materials. It is PHTHALATE & BPA Free and provides a safer and comfortable sensation for your baby to sleep. It has used High-density memory foam which provides a soft touch to toddlers and it is also firm enough to prevent them from falling off the bed at night.

Moreover, it comes with a waterproof and washable cover, and inside you find silicone beaded non-skid fabric. This helps it stay firmly in place. It is very easily installed on your bed. It only needs three simple steps to be used. Firstly you open the vacuum package and allow the foam to rebound to its original shape. Then on the second step place it on the mattress or where ever you want to use it. Thirdly just cover the fitted bed bumpers with a bedsheet. Its dimensions are common with your bed size. Dimension: 52″ x 7″ x 4.5″. The height is ideally sized and it allows ample room for your toddler to stretch out while sleeping. These bed bumpers fit into toddler beds, twin, full, double, queen, and king beds. This product has amazing reviews from the people who purchased it.

Pros of buying Tebery 2 Pack Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers

  • These  are hypoallergenic, non-toxic.
  • These are PHTHALATE & BPA Free.
  • Provides safer and comfortable space for your toddler.
  • It uses High-density memory foam and provides a soft touch to kids.
  • Firm enough to prevent them from falling off the bed.
  • Waterproof and washable.
  • Cover is made with silicone beaded non-skid fabric that stays firmly in place.
  • Installed in 3 simple steps. Firstly open the vacuum package and allow the foam to rebound to its original shape. Then  place it on the mattress. Thirdly cover the fitted sheet.
  • Dimension: 52″ x 7″ x 4.5″.
  • Its perfect height and ideally sized to allow more room for your toddler so he/she can stretch out while sleeping.
  • Compatible with toddler beds, twin, full, double, queen and king beds.

Cons of using Tebery 2 Pack Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers

  • You can not use it on top bunks or loft beds.
  • Quality might not meet your expectations.

L – Bamboo DreamyPanda Toddler Bed Rail Bumper: Best Bed Bumpers For Toddlers

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These bed bumpers for adults are thoughtfully designed and engineered. They provide parents with an inexpensive and convenient bed rail system, It is trouble-free and can be installed in seconds. It fits perfectly on any size bed. You can use one bumper or two-bed bumpers to position them as a pair and protect both edges of the bed.

This product is versatile enough to be used as a pillow or it can be used as a bed divider to help avoid rolling over when sleeping with your child. It is easily portable and washable too. If you need to clean it you can put it in a washing machine. The fabric used is super soft and it tends to stick to the place where you have positioned it. It comes with a generous warranty that you can replace or exchange. You can also get a refund if you do not want this product. The reviews of buyers are very good and they recommend purchasing this bed side bumpers

Pros of buying L– Bamboo DreamyPanda Toddler Bed Rail Bumper

  • Installs in Seconds
  • The Perfect Height
  • Stays in Place
  • Super Soft Fabric
  • Hypoallergenic – natural bamboo does not cause allergic reactions.
  • It provides safety guard for kids and elderly       
  • Machine-washable Cover
  • Trouble-free and easy-zip cover that can also be spot cleaned with a piece of cloth.
  • Easy Access to Bed
  • Ultra Portable
  • Purchase Protection : Money back guarantee.

Cons of buying L– Bamboo DreamyPanda Toddler Bed Rail Bumper

  • Slightly heavier than other bed bumpers.
  • There are fewer reviews from articles.

While raising a baby, buying new things becomes a routine. It might have been just a year that you were searching about cribs and the best ones in the market. And today your youngone needs to be shifted on the bed and now you have to search for bed bumpers. This article is here to help you with making your decision easier and helping you buy the best bed bumper available in the market. If you are lucky and you buy the right bed bumper for your toddler then shifting from crib to a bed would be really smooth and you will never see him or her falling down the bed.


Your little one might be sleeping at night but you might be worried at the thought that he or she might fall off once you drift into sleep too. Transitioning your baby from crib to the bed is just another step you are destined to take once you are raising a child. And this could sometimes cause worry. Especially if you are not reassured by another parent or article such as this one. A child’s sleeping arrangement is one of the biggest concerns a parent has to face. Since a well rested sleep ensures better mental and physical growth you as a parent have to ensure your child is getting it. This would also help you sleep more relaxed once you have taken all the necessary steps into providing a safe environment for your child.

So I highly recommend that the parents get one of these best bed bumpers for toddlers as they become really handy during sleep. The products in this article are one of the best you will find in the market.

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Parenting could be a difficult task. But with the right gear and positive motivation, it could be a lovely adventure raising a young one. Keep coming back for more articles on this blog site like we have shared Best High Chair Under $100, Affordable Infant Car Seats , Best stroller for hot Weather and Best Baby Bottle Warmer And Sterilizer etc I will help you get through most of the baby gadgets that are going to be essential for you. Your time would be saved to spend with the family and your worries will go away.

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